Critique Judges

At this page, NSPA and ACP critique judges can find copies of critique scoresheets in PDF format, as well as a form for uploading completed critiques to NSPA/ACP and other judging resources.

Questions? Try the judging guidebook or email us at

Critique Scoresheets in PDF format


  1. Right-click the link to the appropriate PDF scoresheet and save it directly to your desktop. DO NOT complete the scoresheet in your browser window. It will not save correctly and you may lose your work.
  2. Open the document from your desktop and complete it using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro (not Preview). Certain features of the form, such as automatic calculation of point totals, will not work in the Mac OS X Preview application. You can download the free application Adobe Reader here.
  3. To use the downloaded form for multiple critiques, use the Save As command to create a copy of the document under a new name (e.g. “[publication_name] critique 2015. pdf”) and save it in a location on your hard drive where you’re sure you can find it later.
  4. Complete critiques, saving frequently. Be sure to include the publication or school name in the file name when you save.
  5. Once completed, enter your Judge ID below and follow the directions on the upload form to send the PDF file of your completed critique to NSPA/ACP. You will need your Judge ID number, which is included on the Record of Publications Sent form in each shipment.

Upload completed critique files

Please enter your Judge ID to proceed:   

Note: Your Judge ID is listed on the Record of Publications Sent form that you should have received from NSPA/ACP with your critique shipment. The ID is listed after your name in the upper left corner of the document and consists of the first three letters of your last name followed by a four-digit number. If the Judge ID is not listed on the form or you cannot locate it, please call Mariah Keith at 612-625-4337 to obtain the ID.

Judging Resources

National Scholastic Press Association

In 1921, NSPA began helping high school students and teachers improve their publications. Today, that goal remains No. 1.

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Associated Collegiate Press

The Associated Collegiate Press is the largest and oldest national membership organization for college student media in the United States.

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